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Good People Group

The Good People Group is the parent company of several business entities. A percentage of each business net profits are used to help better the community at-large. We believe the best and most impactful way to accomplish this: 

We want people to Rise.  Rise up out of poverty.  Good People have varied programs, workshops and training solutions to help those who are ailed by poverty. Through our resources and the connections we have established, we help adults develop job skill sets. Our programs for adults give needed job-training, job-placement and professional development. Our educational programs are geared toward young people, designed to both encourage and assist in achieving higher learning. This is the central component of our platform - Help real people with real problems by helping them obtain a solid economic foundation. Our social services include: SAT Preparation Workshops, Revitalization Program, Rise Initiative, Kids Code Workshop, Essay Writing Classes, Job Training Classes, Professional Development Courses and Youth Mentorship Programs. 

Good People strongly believe in an all-encompassing concept of kindness and therefore, we encourage our members who have benefited from the programs to give back by spreading good-will with random acts of kindness. Our members equipped with a pay it forward mission, randomly select people and help pay their bills.  It may be a gas bill, an electric bill and yes sometimes the groceries for the month. Our acts of kindness are diverse not only monetary related but centered in the sentiment of kindness.One day it's a song we may provide on a public train, the next it could be cheering and encouraging a random person on their way to work or simply giving hugs to a passer-by. Many Americans have never been further away from the American Dream. Now, is when so many could use a community hug. We help people who are barely able to keep their heads above water, regular people that need help with the everyday things in life.                                                                                                                                                                  

Like the light bill !!                      

Let's make an impact of change with a network of everyday people, business leaders and private groups all contributing together. Help make someone happy - Help make someone proud.  Let us see you smile.