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Cathedral Kitchen

Meal Service We will be Serving Meals!!! 

Volunteers help to plate food and deliver the plates to tables, seat guests and clean up after

the meal is finished. We will meet at 11:15 AM in the front of the building, lunch is served from

12:00 to 1:00 PM. Young people must be 16 or older to serve at the Kitchen. 

Cathedral Kitchen has been serving meals to the poor and hungry of Camden. What began as a

simple ministry offering soup and sandwiches to a few people in need has grown into the largest

emergency food provider in the city. In 2012, we provided over 232,000 meals!

The people who come to the Kitchen to eat are among the poorest residents of the city: the

homeless, the jobless, those with disabilities or addiction problems, the working poor. They range

in age from infants to the elderly; but whatever their age, everyone in need is welcomed at the

Kitchen and given a hearty meal.